Friday, September 01, 2006

I love words. Writing something poetic is like watching a sunrise or sunset for me. It makes me feel blessed. Reading or hearing someone say something beautifully carries me to deeper thoughts. Do you like words? Do you like to write? One of my favorite ways to write is to God. I pray every day using conversations with God in my heart and mind, but when I put it to pen I feel it is solid. It isn't that my writing makes my prayers more powerful, but it makes me feel as if I have somehow made something lasting. Prayers are lasting, in fact they are eternal. In Revelations, we are told God keeps them in bowls. He stores our prayers. Now that is history! Our society has lost the art of letters, notes, and journals. Instant messaging, email, and cyberspace will rob us of a history that will never be told because a slip of paper lost out to a keyboard. I feel this is so important that I journal my prayers and record them by date in my laptop in a special place. I told my hubby where they are so someday I hope my children and children's children will read them to discover their history through the eyes of their momma. I love to send out prayers when I get a request and I have a prayer team that prayers over me. The other day, I thought... how many thoughts are lost in cyberspace to never be retrieved that tell the testimony of all GOD has done through His ministry in me? This sobered me for a moment. But then I fall prey to the call of the instant and find myself communicating mostly with email. Do you? Which do you prefer... notes or emails? Do you journal? Why? or Why not?