Friday, June 25, 2010

Blind Obedience

When I was in seventh grade my art teacher, Mrs. Parker, invited me to go on a trail ride with a group of friends. I readily agreed because like most seventh graders I loved horses. Because I was the youngest member on the ride, they gave me the gentlest horse available. Ironically, this beautiful white horse was blind! The owner knew that this horse was obedient to the reigns because he truly trusted the rider to guide him on level ground through the gentle movement of the reigns. He would not move if I did not guide him in where to go or what to do. This horse learned the value of obedience.

Recently, the LORD has revealed to me the importance of trusting HIM even when I am blind to HIS orchestrations. I find myself often crying out and asking HIM to show me how HE is at work in me and through me. I realize that this in its own way demonstrates a lack of trust of God’s plan and path. As a child of God, I stand in the promise that GOD will set the path straight. I need not fret or worry about my impact or influence. If I am surrendered unto GOD and trusting HIS plan I can rest in the reality that HE will bring forth what HE has already begun in me and in those in my area of influence. The blind horse provides a reminder for me that my trust is not the path I walk, but in the one guiding the reigns.

The picture above is Mrs. Parker with Boomer today.