Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I love it when a child enjoys something so much that they say, “AGAIN!” When I hear these words I know I have connected with their heart and mind. Yesterday, as I taught at the mission I heard this request—AGAIN!

I looked out at the women in my class pondering that their stories are similar, but different. I felt overwhelmed by the collective pain in the room. Our lesson point—God takes that which is ordinary and uses it for the extraordinary. Without a thought, I told HIStory while inserting one of the ladies names into the plot…

“Sheila, God so loved you that He took His Son and said, “I need You to go to earth for Sheila.” God sent Jesus as a baby lying in a manger—so ordinary and simple. Yet, Jesus grew in wisdom and stature in favor with God and man. He did everything the Father asked of Him. He preached, taught, healed, cast out demons, and loved. Yet, man spat on Him, rejected Him, cursed Him, and killed Him on a cross. Jesus willing accepted all of this for you. He went to the cross, He died, rose from the grave and is coming again for you. God took that which is ordinary—a baby and did something extraordinary, He gave us a Savior. He wants to do the same for you. He wants take that which is ordinary and do something extraordinary.”

Just as I finished the story Patricia looked at me and said, “Will you please say that again?” I asked, “What part?” She said, “All of it!” A grandmother of seven and mother of five asked me to tell the story AGAIN! There is sweetness in hearing the story of Jesus. It is truth that penetrates into the very marrow of our bones and heals. I retold the story with her name. Who in your life needs to hear the simplicity of the truth that God so loved you that He sent His one and only Son to earth just for you?

Father, give us opportunities to simply tell the story and hear the blessing of AGAIN!

I wish I could be with you now to connect with you-- face to face, heart to heart and simply tell each other the story.

Simply, Tara

September 22, 2009