Friday, March 27, 2009

…if the root is holy, so are the branches. Romans 11:16b

The greatest blessing that comes with deep roots is often found that the roots encounter other roots digging deep. As the two roots seek the same source of nourishment, they cannot help, but find their roots entwine. At first glance entwined roots look like a jumbled mess, but this is what makes them stronger against the storms. This reminds me of some low level bushes we had growing in front of our house in Houston. I did not like the bushes, so I decided to remove them. I found that I was able to pull up the bushes that stood alone and did not connect with the others through their root system. However, there were two that no matter how hard I tried or Greg tried neither of us were able to pull them out. We looped a chain around the bushes then we hooked them to his Bronco. The tires burned rubber and the bushes remained intact. Determination took root in us that these bushes will go. Greg shifted gears back and forth relentlessly. Finally, after extensive wear and tear upon our car, they finally released their grip from the earth and tumbled behind the car. Amazingly, their roots remained entwined, not to be separated by their untimely unearthing. Beloved, seeking out the knowledge of the LORD through His Word does the same thing for us. It does not matter what seeks to uproot us, we will remain intact to the deep roots that we have dug and entwined ourselves to!