Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I recently read this quote, “A test is not to show to the teacher what the student knows. The purpose of a test is to show to the student what the student knows.” Think on this for a moment, when we are tested, God already knows that which is within our hearts. He see, He hears, He knows all that is revealed and all that is hidden. Even in the darkest most secret of places. Even in the mind. The test reveals to us what needs to be shed, cleansed, purified, and humbled! The test assures us with affirmation, confirmation, sustenance, bounty, and completion. What kind of tests are you enduring? I can only imagine they are unbearable at times. Remember the Father will provide a way of escape. The question we have to ask ourselves is… Do I want to escape? That is of itself is a revelation of that which resides within us. Amazing, huh!