Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A dear sweet sister of mine is enduring the reality of her beloved husband going home to be with the LORD. She emailed me today and said,"I believe I just hit the grieving stage of reality....he is never coming back to hold me in his arms and I won't hear him tell me he loves me and he won't be here to just talk about our day or laugh together as we did so often." "Grieve not as those who do not have hope..." but grieve...I am grieving and I know I will see him again it is just learning to go forward without him that is so hard for me. Help me Lord Jesus for I can not do this alone!" I asked her permission to share what she sent me because I know it will help all of us to better understand the grieving process. Despite her pain she wrote a poem to me. I have posted it as well. It is mine and Sandy's prayer that the LORD uses this to minister to those in grief.

From the Heart to Tara (August 2010)

You came into our life not too many years ago.
And why we met, only our God above did know.

What a perfect plan God had for all of us to meet,
He knew I would need you as I stumbled at His feet.

You met my sweet Steve, the man I love so much
And in our hearts your prayers and love did touch.

Steve and I had our highs and also times some lows,
We needed someone and God sent the one He chose.

As Steve and I journeyed down our path of cancer,
You were there with prayers and many times much laughter.

Each time my Steve was ill and laying in a hospital bed,
You were there to hold me close as my tears were openly shed.

I thank our God for the extra years He gave our family,
And then took my sweet Steve home to finally set him free.

Thank you for reading my precious love poem to Steve, from me,
Hopefully witnessing to those of what sweet love and hope can be.

All my love,