Thursday, August 23, 2012

Radio Moments 2012

LOVING MEMORIES - Steve (3/08/07)

We were so young and innocent as we walked side by side. It seems like only yesterday, how did those years fly by? The summer of our wedding brought loving walks with you And a flower that you picked for me to show your love was true. Our love sometimes a coaster ride with life’s many ups and downs, But through those times our love did grow as we moved to many towns. A son to us was born on a cold December day, So sweet, so cute a bundle that brought us laughter along the way. A few years passed and we were blessed with a daughter just as sweet. She came to us in February and more joy our hearts did meet. Then many years went by as we raised our two with love, They grew up so wonderfully any parent would be proud of. God gave to us a child to love as Jeff chose for him a wife, We never really understood what joys were to come into our life. Their love produced three beautiful boys for us to love and treasure. They brought more love to all of us than we could ever measure. A few years down our happy road our Kim found her true love. They married and our new son brought blessings from above. Our God has always been there but now it is so clear, His loving plan was to draw us both to Him my sweet, sweet dear. He also sent another blessing a little precious one, A granddaughterfor us to love and time to have some fun. And now as we walk down, the last season of our years, We’ll thank our God for all we shared without any shedding of tears. He brought more love to all of us than words could ever express, His promise is to give us so much more and never any less. We’ll leave this earthly place with a plan to meet again, With no more tears or sorrow and absolutely no more pain. How awesome is our God to have this plan all set I marvel at the love I found when you and I first met. So thank you for all your love and times that you forgave My love for you will never die and in my heart I will save. All my love to you Sandy

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Story Prayer

As I walked out of my Community Group on Sunday morning my friend Jill said to me that our friend Shelly was placed in hospice care. Shelly survived breast cancer, but then bone cancer came unexpectedly. I knew immediately that I must leave church. I heard in my heart, "Today, you will worship me with Shelly." As I walked into the care center, Scott and Jill arrived as well and called out to me. I thought in my heart, "Where three or more gather HE is in their midst." My friend Jill has the gift of mercy like no other. As we walked in, she whispered to me, "You know they say that hearing is the very last thing to go. She will be able to hear us." As I walked into the room, God pressed on my heart that I must remind her of heaven and His glorious rest. Without much thought about it, I began to pet her arm and as I held her hand, I quietly prayed through what I know about the Splendor of God, His promises and the glory of heaven. I prayed about Shelly seeing the streets of gold and standing on the crystal sea. I told her about the radiant rainbow of colors made out of precious stones and the glorious rest she will enjoy while she talked with Jesus. When I left, I wondered who the prayer was really for her or me. I felt His comfort overflow. While sitting at her celebration service, my phone quietly buzzed with an urgent call. A dear from Iowa shared that a young woman was in the hospital in Omaha that does not know the LORD and she just found out that she has a brain tumor and there is not much time. She asked, "Will you go?" How could I not? For the second time that week, God called upon me to pray through heaven with someone lying in a hospital bed suffering the evils of cancer. As I pondered over the journey I walked with these two friends, I realized that I story pray. I always feel so inadequate when called upon to minister in such crises, but I have learned to hold onto the confidence and authority of the Word of God. I know my words are not what are needed so after I discover the need and yes even the want, I begin the process of thinking through what I know about God, His character, His power, and His promises. I then allow myself to pray what I know. It occurred to me that I pray through both Old and the New Testament. I allow myself to speak God's story into the story of the one I am praying. I allow the Spirit to show me how to connect their stories so that they become one. So, I story pray. How do you pray God's Word into life circumstances? Father, Your Word does not return void and it is alive and active. Please teach us to pray Your Word into our lives and those we are called upon to pray.

Saturday, August 04, 2012


Once upon a time, in a far, far away land called Nebraska, there lived a tassel princess named Tassunzel. She had been locked up in a tall thin and green tower ever since she was a little girl, for the evil Cornelius had trapped her in there so that she could never get away. She often wondered why Cornelius had locked her up in the tower, and one day she even found herself brave enough to ask Cornelius why he had done it, but he replied with a threat to turn Tassunzel into a Hangar, which was a tassel princess that was forced to hang on to the bricks of the tower with her own brute strength for the rest of her life. One day Tassunzel was pondering why he had locked her up there, as she often did through out the long, and dreary days, when all of the sudden she heard a loud, “THUMP!” Tassunzel thought that it was an earthquake and cried out to the, “Oh, Please Lord, let it take me! So that I may join You in Heaven and leave this miserable life.” But what Tassunzel did not know was that it was not an earthquake that had made the noise, but truly the thunderous footfalls Sir D.T. So Tassunzel closed her eyes and waited for fate to take her. And I can say she was solely surprised when she was pluck from her tower instead of plummeting to the earth. At first she was relieved to be free of her tower, but when she opened her eyes she stared into the face of a giant. “Ahhhh!” she screamed, “Put me down, foul beast!” “Shh! Calm down fair maiden, I may be taller and bigger than you are but I can assure you that I mean you no harm. And besides, you do not want to arouse the evil Cornelius. My name is Sir D.T. What is yours? Tassunzel stared at Sir D.T. Warily, but decided she could trust him, “My name is Tassunzel.” “Well, Tassunzel, how may I serve you?” Tassunzel was astounded. All of her life she looked for the answer of why she had been locked in that tower, and now it was being handed to her, “I… I heard you say some thing about Cornelius earlier,” she began, “do you know why he had me locked in that tower?” Sir D.T.’s face was solemn,”Cornelius is an evil plant, indeed, he has planed to take the power of pure hearts, which come from the tassel princesses, and instil it in his evil cornlings. The towers takes the power from you and sends it straight into the them. Then he plans to take over all of the corn fields in the land of Nebraska, so that he may become the King of Corn.” So, that’s why he had me locked up there.” Tassunzel muttered to herself. Sir D.T. Went to set Tassunzel down, ” I am sorry fair maiden, but I must leave now for their are many more princesses to save. You are free now, go, and do as you wish.” Sir D.T. Stood up to leave, but Tassunzel stopped him. “Wait! I want to come with you and aid you on your journey.” Sir D.T. kneeled down again, “It is a dangerous trek, with many a toils and hardships, but you may follow if it pleases you.” “Oh, it does!” cried Tassunzel, “It would be a great joy to accompany you.” “Very well.” Sir D.T. lifted Tassunzel up and slid her in to a slit in his pack as they set off on their adventure. . . . “So they are going to try and spoil my plans, are they?” said Cornelius to himself, “Well, I guess I will just have to make it harder for them then.” So Cornelius headed out to hide all of the tassel princess by curling the leave of their towers around them. Then he began digging trenches throughout the fields off towers, so that Sir D.T. and Tassunzel might be succumbed by their depths. But what Cornelius did not know was that by adding these dangers, it sparked Sir D.T.’s soul ever more to save the princesses and to persevere with Tassunzel until the very end. And so, Sir D.T. and Tassunzel began too recruit followers to save the tassel princesses, so that they could make a wider impact in the war. They called themselves NATS… But will Sir D.T.’s efforts prove futile? or will Cornelius’s plan ultimately fail? The choice is yours. Tassunzel= Tassel Sir D.T.= DeTassler Cornelius= Corn By Grant Rye