Wednesday, June 25, 2008

“Ephraim is a flat cake not turned over.” Hosea 7:8b

I came across this verse yesterday morning in my daily reading and laughed out-loud. What an odd verse! To my surprise, it is quite serious. In the days of Ephraim, the people flipped cakes to bake them fully. Think about it… Ephraim went down in history as a half-baked cake—a sad commentary on their state of affairs.

Going on mission trips keep me in a flipped mind-set. They flip me upside down so I can bake on the other side. There are many days I know without a doubt that I am half-baked! My heart longs for the flipping of the LORD! We all need a good flipping now in then to cook us through and through. I do not want to be a half-baked cake! Do you?

The above photo is of the family we will build a house for while in Guatemala.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

About three years ago my little dog ripped an "L" shape in the left arm of my beautiful plaid love seat. We used to sit this couch by the window, but he has a fetish for the mail man and his little claws are too sharp. I have a fetish for this couch and the tear devastated me. I searched high and low for slip covers that might match and found some that work okay, but they do not make my heart sing like my plaid upholstery. I recently decided to repair the tear. I contacted a dear cousin that is known as gifted with the needle to ask her for advice on what to do. She informed me that if it is a simple tear it will be a simple solution. If it is frayed then it might be more complicated.

Excitement filled me up as I contemplated the pretty plaid upholstery displaying its secure attachment to the frame. My slip covers drive me nuts--they slip, hence, their name "SLIP". It is a never ending battle between me and them. They never seem satisfied with my personal arrangement of their fabric and I am not satisfied with their traveling skills. Yesterday, I lifted the slip cover up to begin my repair, what I saw grieved me. My simple "L" shape turned into a frayed torn mess. I quickly threw the slip cover over the tear and felt so defeated. The tear left to itself over time grew and affected a much larger area even while being covered.

As if the Holy needle of heaven pricked me, I instantly caught a truth. This is exactly what happens to my sin when I try to cover it. When I first act upon a sin it tears into the fabric of my walk and leaves a simple scar. If I confess it immediately then it is repaired without too much impact in other areas. However, if I wait and try to cover it up, over time it will continue to tear and rip into the fabric of my being leaving a frayed mess. Is it beyond repair? NO! But it might take more stitches to fix it up and maybe a patch or two. Either way, confessed sin can be removed. Unconfessed sin leaves scars.

My love seat is where I sit to do my daily Bible Study with the LORD. In fact, I am sitting on it to write this devotional. It will now and forever more be a visual reminder to me to confess my sins quickly and not try to cover them up. What about you? Can you relate? Have you had a time when you tried to cover up a sin in your life and it only left things torn and frayed? Remember, when we confess our sins HE (the Father in Heaven) is faithful and just to forgive us of all unrighteousness! Not some... all! Now, I must find someone to patch my couch!