Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Writing allows me the privilege to hear from those that are impacted by the truths that we journey together in studying. A dear sister in Nebraska sent me a sweet testimony about the week two lesson on Hannah in Redeemed to Praise. I have asked her permission to share it. I know you will be blessed.

Tara, I wanted you to know that I have been especially blessed by Hannah's story this week. I have drawn so much closer to God through her story. She had a deep need that no one else understood. Year after year, she faced the embarrassement of not having a child. Finally, she took it before the Lord and left her burdens there. The Bible says that her countenance was no more sad. I struggled a bit with this because I have given everything over to God (I thought) and sometimes my countenance was sad. I was sad because I might have to go to jail. I learned that Hannah worshipped the Lord before she knew God's answer. She praised him because she knew God had heard her prayer and that He was faithfull. If any word I learned about more this week it is the word "faithful."

God knows what is best for our lives and he is in total control. God knows exactly what I need whether it's jail or not. I now realize, I did not completly give it over to God. God's will and plan could be that I go to jail....BECAUSE IT IS WHATS BEST FOR ME. If staying out of jail is not what I need, then I hope I do go to jail. God is in control. So I will praise him if the judge tells me that I can go home or if the judge tells me I have to go to jail. I think I will be a little nervous, but it's what God wants and he has packed his bags and is going with me.

When Hannah took Samuel and gave him back to the temple I thought I would see tears running down her face and someone would have to rip her away. I mean she prayed and waited so long for this boy and at an early age she has to give him up. I knew she would do it because she promised God, but I couldn't believe her strength. 1 Samuel 2:1-10 is called Hannah's song. She just let go of her precious child and she praises God with a heart that has truly seen the faithfulness of God. I pray that no matter the outcome of September 24, I can truly praise God for His faithfullness. Thank you for helping God to let me see this.

Love, A Nebraska Sister