Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Love Covereth"
Proverbs 10:12

As the lightning streaked and the thunder roared, I pulled my cover up closer to my chin enjoying the warmth of covering. I rested knowing that I am covered by my blanket, my roof and my LORD. I felt peace despite the storm raging outside. I arose to read my devotional and the prayer verse for the day said, “Love Covereth!” What a great morning for the reminder love covers a multitude of sins and all wrongs. What makes covering so wonderful? The warmth it provides ensures the desire to snuggle in closer. The protection it conveys provides the peace needed to rest. The sense of security assures the weary all is okay. I am reminded of a quilt and the painstaking details given to each stitch to ensure a lifetime of memories. As one rests under such a covering stitched in love you are reminded of the act that provided the sweet covering. This warms the soul. The first time the love cover came from the Father’s own hand. He slowly sewed Adam and Eve’s clothes from the first sin sacrifice. Their covering provided a reminder that their sin brought about a sacrifice. Yes, love covers a multitude of sins. In John 13:35 we are told that others will know we are the LORD’s disciples by our love. Why? Love covers! Practically, I am reminded of an offense that grieved my heart. What does the LORD require of me? He asks me to pull up the heavenly quilt known as the “love cover.” His love cover in me brings the warmth needed to ensure rest for the soul, protection needed to bring peace in turmoil, sense of security for the weary, and forgiveness for sins. Love covers! Pull it up and rest!

Tara 5/13/09