Friday, January 28, 2011

Little Things

As I walked into my bedroom, a giggle erupted from me because my stuffed bears were wearing helmets and set up to play baseball on my bed. Suddenly, an ordinary moment became special because of a little thing. Have you ever noticed how it is the little things that make you feel loved and special. I can find my husband in a crowded room and know I am his alone by the simple raise of his brow. It is a little thing, but it is all mine. When our daughter was four years old, I said aloud, “Okay, it is time to wind down.” Mikayla froze and began to crank her arm as she squatted on the floor. It was a little bit of humor that makes me laugh still today. My twelve-year-old son greets me with hugs and kisses at school. Wait, I do believe that one is huge in the scheme of preteen hormones, but to us it is a little thing—it is how he greets mom. It is the cumulative effect of the little things that make a difference in our lives.

Proverbs 30:24 tells us that there are four little things on earth that are very wise: the ant, the rock badger, locusts, and lizards. What do these four little things have to do with love? Ants are strong and they are always preparing for tomorrow. In love and life, a wise person develops strength in doing the little things that will prepare for tomorrow. What is something little you can do to minister to your loved ones today? Do it! Though the rock badger is a weak creature, it seeks the safety of the rocks for protection. Hiding in the cleft of the Rock daily in prayer and reading His Word is a little thing that makes all who are weak strong. Have you read your Bible and prayed today? Do it! Locusts do not have a leader, yet they know that isolation is dangerous. They live in community with a sense of one anotherness that makes them formidable when they swarm. Choose to connect and be in community with one another in your home, your church, and your neighborhood. I remember at one point in my marriage thinking, “Greg didn’t roll over and hold me when he went to sleep!” For a moment I pondered letting such a little thing get in the way of our one anotherness, but then a little thought came to me, “Roll over and hug him!” I did and immediately felt comforted as he molded into my arms in his sleep. It is the little things that make a difference! Lizards are small and insignificant in the hands of a man, yet they are found in palaces. Beloved, you may feel like a little thing that is small and insignificant in the hands of those around you, but one thing is for certain, as a child of the King, you have a royal inheritance. Trust the significance you have in Christ our King—this is no little thing!

Father, help us to find ways to do the little things that make a difference!