Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The people were amazed at his teaching, because he taught them as one who had authority, not as the teachers of the law. Mark 1:22 (NIV)

I remembered his golden brown eyes because they contrasted his mocha brown skin so beautifully. He walked up to me after class and said, “Ms. Tara, do you remember me?”

“Yes, doesn’t your name begin with an ‘R”?

“My name is Roderick. I wanted you to know where I’ve been. I was in your class ‘bout a year ago. I was sent to prison for my past. I only had my Bible and me in my cell. I read it and spent a lot of time with God and people started noticing that I am a changed man. God and me we spent all day together in the GodMod at Douglas. I wanted you to know that God used you in giving me a hunger for His Word. I wanted to say, thank you. Me… now I am a sponge. I used to be a sponge filled with a lot of dirt and mud, but now I been wrung and cleaned up. I’m a clean sponge now.”

His words humbled me. I try hard to not go female on the guys, by letting my tears show. This time was real hard!

This testimony was shared with me two weeks ago at the Open Door Mission. I asked Roderick permission to share it with the prayer team. The LORD’s Word carries authority. It is what made the people realize that Jesus was different than the religious teachers of their day. He spoke from the scriptures personally not from someone else’s experience with the Word of God. I am amazed when the LORD allows me the privilege to see someone that allows His Word to become the authority over their life. Our lesson this week at the ODM focused on this verse and the fact that light has authority over darkness. Roderick gets it. He understands the beauty and wonder of allowing the Word of God to be a light in him to dispel the darkness--sin. There is nothing more powerful than to see a life that is truly changed by Christ.

Our vision at Cultivating Hearts is to make one disciple at a time. I wanted you to see and hear how your prayers make this possible. I know you do not know their faces, but when you pray for Cultivating Hearts ministry you prepare the way for the authority of the Light of the World to be made known through me and anyone else who comes along to participate. Thank you.