Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Sitting in a crowd and hearing a “wordy dird” never bothered me. See, I grew up in a home where “wordy dirds” were the norm. Maybe you’re asking, “What in the world is a “wordy dird?” Well, let me tell you what God showed me about the words that come out of my mouth.

I love walking the halls between classes. Three minutes never seems long enough to visit with friends, go to my locker and get to the next class. As I leaned against Marie’s locker, my eyes caught sight of perfect Pamela sauntering up to her locker with Wade, the football captain, on her arm. She unlocked her locker, stuffed in a few things and as she slammed the locker shut, she broke her nail. Her mouth opened up like a cheerleader megaphone and blared: “Bleep!”

I did a double take. Did she just say a “wordy dird?”

The horn blew again: “Bleep! Bleep!”

Yep! She sure did three times now. I thought, so much for perfection. I guess blond hair, blue eyes, designer clothes and the boy of your dreams does not make life perfect. As I stood there, my thoughts traveled in a thousand directions in a matter of seconds. Shock filled me with indignation that someone so “perfect” would allow such an ugly word to come out of her. In that one instant, she no longer seemed so perfect or even pretty to me anymore. Then my breath caught… I am no different then her. I too use “wordy dirds.” Yep, you guessed it “wordy dirds” are cuss words, profane language. Suddenly, I remembered my conversation with my brother about my parents. Heat flashed up my neck as I remembered our words. Tony and I really railed on about our parents just because they told us, “No!” If three ugly words can make this beautiful girl seem ugly to me then what do people think of me when I use such ugly words?

Without knowing it, God began transforming my mind from the patterns of this world. I felt my heart pierce with conviction. The world says such language is cool. God says it makes me look like a fool. I committed to God in that moment to not even say the word “dirty word” and from that day forward, I have referred to them as “wordy dirds.”

Check out Romans 12:2a. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

What pattern of living are we to stay away from? Can you name some patterns that God might want you to commit to let go of today?

Maybe your like me and honestly had never thought about how you look when you speak such words. Have you ever considered how your words reflect your inner beauty and thereby impact your outward appearances, as well? In an instant God changed me. As I watched perfect Pamela walk away with Wade draped over her like a knitted shawl, I thought even though my world has succumbed to “wordy dirds” I will commit to keeping my words pure. Amazingly, GOD has given me the ability to speak with purity… even in crowds pouring out profanity. You might want to pray the prayer I prayed that day…

Father, I never realized that ugly words make me look ugly to others. I want to be beautiful in all aspects of my life. Please purify my language and help me to be pure in speech. From this day forward I commit to only refer to dirty words as “wordy dirds” because I don’t even want to give them recognition in my life. In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!