Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Twas’ the Night Before Christmas in Bethlehem
Tara Rye/ Copyright 2003

Twas’ the night before Christmas
In the Town of Bethlehem
The villagers were bustling
Since the census began

Joseph and Mary were traveling
With a babe jostling inside
Hoping to reach the village
Before he decided to no longer hide

Joseph was urging the caravan on
As his senses were heightened
By the mission
He was on

As best as she could
Mary stayed with the pace
Concerned with the expression
On Joseph’s sun weathered face

The contractions came
With quite a surprise
Mary’s voice cried to the wind
Under Bethlehem’s sky

Quickly they knocked
On each villager’s door
No one had room
Not even a floor

One Villager
Who saw their plight
Said I have a stable
You can have for the night

The sheep, cows, and donkeys
Munched on the hay
As Mary laid down
To deliver this day

Emmanuel, God with us
Was born this night
Our Deliverer and Redeemer
She swaddled so tight

As shepherds nearby kept watch
Over their flocks at night
Angels appeared above them
And gave a terrible fright

The Glory of the LORD shone
And the angels declared
We have great news
No need to be scared

Today in the Town of David
A Savior is born
He is Christ the LORD
Go find Him in a manger this morn

Suddenly the sky was filled with singing
Glory to God in the Highest
Peace and good will to men He was bringing
With whom His favor rests.


Praise the LORD!